Vision Boards: Embracing the New Year

One of the more creative endeavours that I bring into my life every New Year is the vision board. Vision boards are a fun, inspiring and empowering exercise that anyone can do at home and the New Year is a wonderful time to set aside some time to get creative and set some goals for the year ahead. They can be as small, large, adventurous, or as specific as you like – there are no rules other than to feel inspired, uplifted and motivated by the pictures you choose to use. At the Embracing Health Retreats we spend a session creating vision boards that share the insights and inspirations that have been awakened during the

Vision boards are not only about setting goals; they work with the theory of the law of attraction- meaning that what you focus your attention on, you consciously call into your life.

To create a vision board for yourself, set aside a few hours of time, make yourself a lovely cup of tea, sit down with a stack of magazines and flick through them to find images that speak to you and attract your attention. Spend some time thinking about what you want to bring into your life-right now – it may be focusing on your health, on nurturing relationships, on building a business or saving for an overseas holiday. Having a vision board is a physical and visual reminder that you can turn to everyday when you need a reminder about your purpose and goals.

Once you are satisfied with the number of images you have found, place them in a collage format on a large poster size piece of paper. Let your creative spirit run wild here! There is no right or wrong! Having creative freedom is something we forget as we become adults so use this time to really embrace the project at hand.


Vision boarding can be done anytime- you may wish to do a vision board every month or every six months. There are incredible stories about people all over the world whose dreams and goals have come true based on their vision board experiences! So don’t negate the power of manifestation!

Of course, calling what you want into your life takes equal amounts of vision and action. Your vision board is a reminder for you- whether that is to eat well, to exercise weekly, to save a certain amount of money each month, to have a date night weekly or to book those tickets to Paris! Setting intentions are incredibly powerful, but working towards them is where the greatest challenges and joys exist.

Enjoy the creative license that vision boarding offers and don’t be judgmental of what turns up- everyone is different and has different goals and dreams. If you want to experience vision boarding in a group environment, look into our upcoming retreat dates or pop an image of a cleansing retreat up on your vision board! Maybe we will see you in Byron Bay or Bali as a result!







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