Morning Munch! Best Breakfast EVER!

It’s not often that I take to my blog to alert the world to a fantastic new product – but this is one that I couldn’t wait to share! It’s called Paleo Power …Morning Munch and has been created by my favourite superfood company – Power Super Foods. PSF’s products go way beyond meeting the absolute highest of principles, with ethical, environmental and nutritional standards that cannot be bettered in the industry. I love it when they launch new products because I know the amount of dedicated research that goes into the decision to bring something amazing to the table. And this one does not disappoint!

Morning Munch 1My philosophy around eating wholefoods is to continually make choices that upgrade the quality of food we are eating every day so as to gain the maximum nutrition possible with every bite we consume. For many, breakfast is a difficult one. People are tired, many have trouble getting going of a morning and often don’t feel like eating or preparing a healthful breakfast. So they just grab a coffee on the run because it is easy and they don’t have to think too hard. Or they give in to the false advertising of the cereal industry and throw some type of highly processed, sugar filled, denatured garbage into a bowl, top it with pasteurised, homogenised cow bodily fluids and think that they’ve done something good for their body – but I’m sorry to say that they are very wrong!

Morning Munch offers a brand new concept to the breakfast table. Bringing together the ingredients of high-powered superfoods, medicinal herbs, and ancient healing foods –  the three gourmet flavours are not only nourishing on a nutritional level, but provide much needed elements such as resistant starch that feed the good bacteria in the bowel, strengthening the immune system and keeping the bowel functioning healthfully. They are paleo friendly and gluten free and not only make a great alternative to traditional breakfast cereals, but can top acai bowls, chia puddings or be eaten straight from the bag as a delicious trail mix!

Tigernuts ( Chufa ) On The Market

In their world-wide search for the most nutritious foods on the planet, Power Super Foods are always ahead of the game, and have re-discovered what could be considered the world’s first superfood – ‘Tiger Nuts’.  Popular in the 1950’s, tiger nuts are not actually a nut at all, but a small tuber from the plant yellow nutsedge. These small chewy tubers have a superior nutritional profile, containing healthy levels of iron, potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, protein, good fats, and fibre. One of the essential types of fibre found in tiger nuts is resistant starch – a prebiotic that is lacking in many people’s diets. It not only provides fuel for the beneficial bacteria in your gut, but is a mild appetite suppressant helping you to feel fuller for longer and ensuring a slow and steady supply of energy throughout the morning. Tiger nuts have a sweet flavour and are considered to be one of the original paleo foods eaten by our ancient ancestors, and are one of the main ingredients in Morning Munch.

Morning Munch Selection

The three flavours are divine and all confer different properties and flavours, offering something for everyone:

Cashew Colada:
The perfect pairing of summer-y banana and pineapple, creamy cashews and hydrating coconut, with the refreshing zing of ginger and sunshine-y yellow Calendula petals. Inspired by bright blue beach days and tall pina colada smoothies. Yummy!

The tastiest trio that is Neapolitan just went next-level gourmet with the crunch of antioxidant cacao, vanilla scented Lucuma superfood, and strawberry + coconut pieces all dusted with powdered pink Hibiscus petals. Inspired by the ice cream of childhood springtime. Sweet dreams…

Pumpkin Spice:
Warming pumpkin pie spices including ginger with cinnamon perfectly paired with cranberry and fig, walnuts and pepita seeds, all brightened with soothing Safflower petals. Inspired by autumn-y days crunching through fallen leaves. You in?

Power Super Foods are offering a Morning Munch Launch Pack of all three flavours for just $34.95. Head to their website and pick up your launch pack and let me know which is your favourite! Mine is Neapolitan – I could snack on this one all day straight from the bag!

Happy breakfasting!









from Embracing Health | Holistic Healing & Lifestyle Blog


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