Forrester Weighs in on the Top Video Platforms for Marketing and Sales

Believe it or not, posting videos on YouTube isn’t a video strategy.

Even Forrester Research Analyst, Nick Barber, said so in his latest report, Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing:

If you think “doing video” means having a YouTube channel, then you need to up your game.

In 2015, video overtook all other activities in time spent online. And no, this isn’t just a B2C thing. 70% of B2B buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout their entire path to purchase. That’s a 52% jump in only two years.

Vendor Landscape: Online Video Platforms for Sales And Marketing

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And sure, YouTube is definitely a part of this video consumption, but think of it as the ¼ tablespoon of vegetable oil in a complex baking recipe. In other words, you need more ingredients. An online video platform, according to Forrester, is a critical part of your video technology strategy and you need one to support the customer life cycle.

Without [an online video platform], you’ll have undefined metadata and taxonomies that will zap search functionality and create a disjointed, frustrating customer experience.

Forrester also explains that an online video platform helps you go above and beyond the norm and push the customer experience. With an online video platform, you can create interactive videos to boost engagement or even personalized video experiences to speak to your prospects one on one.

Nick Barber gets into the weeds and highlights the key considerations all marketers need to be thinking about as they grow their video strategy and how to ensure their technology is supporting — and boosting — that growth with an online video platform.  

Download the report to:

  • see how an online video platform can help you distribute compelling video and measure content impact
  • dive into the unique customer experiences like interactivity and personalization that an online video platform can help you create
  • discover the key OVPs that can help you conquer your video strategy once and for all

online video platform vendor report forrester

Wait … there’s more! Nick Barber, the Forrester Research Analyst responsible for this in-depth report will be presenting a live webinar to expand on this report and share his latest research on B2B video consumption, the growth of online video platforms, the leading edge of video technology, and best practices you need to follow if you’re using video for business.

Join the webinar, The Video Marketing Landscape: What All B2B Marketers Need to Know, to discover:

  • Video consumption behavior throughout the B2B customer journey
  • How to organize video content and automate distribution with a video platform
  • The biggest video marketing trends like personalization, interactivity, and sentiment analysis
  • Recommendations for evaluating an online video platform
  • Where to invest now and in the future for continued video marketing success

video marketing landscape forrester

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