Introducing Vidyard Engage: Extend the Power of Video Across the Entire B2B Business

Send video from Gmail and Outlook and understand the digital body language of viewers.

At a time when attention spans are at their shortest, email inboxes are at their fullest, and conversion rates are at their lowest, sales and marketing organizations are looking for new ways to capture and maintain the attention of customers and prospects.

Today, we’re excited to introduce Vidyard Engage, a new suite of tools that helps teams create and send video content from Gmail and Outlook as easily as attaching a PDF. But with more insight than a PDF attachment …  when viewers click play the sender is alerted instantly to who watched, what they watched, and how long they stayed engaged.

See it in action with this short demo:


Bringing the Power of Video to the Masses

Marketing teams have already begun to realize the power of video to boost click-through rates by 27 percent, increase page conversion by 34 percent and enhance time spent on page by 2 minutes and more…

If video can capture and retain attention, why haven’t more teams adopted it as a way to communicate with their audiences?

When it comes to sales teams, for example, fewer than one in three sales teams use video engagement data to influence deals! What we’ve heard from many sales reps, customer success teams, and support managers is that video is just too difficult. It’s too difficult to find the right videos. It’s too difficult to use them in their sales workflow. And it’s too difficult to measure their impact.

That’s why we created Vidyard Engage: to help companies use video across their business by making it easy to send videos from Gmail and Outlook and allowing them to measure how customers and prospects are engaging.

For those businesses that use Salesforce, Vidyard can push video viewing data for videos sent with Vidyard Engage into the individual lead and contact records of viewers, too. This allows sales and marketing leaders to measure the impact video is having on opportunities, pipeline, and closed deals.

Who Wins with Engage?

Lots of teams can gain from being able to tap into the power of video to engage their audiences and capture intelligence around what they’re watching.

In other words, video is here for more than marketing.

From inside sales teams prospecting with video to field sales sending custom video follow-ups, selling with video improves conversion rates and helps reps spot and focus on the highest qualified deals.

Webinar: Why Sales Teams Need Vidyard Engage to Close Bigger Deals, Faster

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Customer support teams can close cases faster by sending the best how-to and training videos to customers. And it allows them to identify the videos that resonate most with customers.

Customer Success teams can use video to cut down on-boarding time and build stronger relationships with custom videos created by success managers.

WIIFM? (What’s in it for Marketing, That Is)

Marketing teams face their own set of challenges when it comes to supporting sales.

Marketers often find it difficult to prove the value of marketing campaigns to their sales peers and leadership. Video, being a highly measurable medium, can help! By making it easy to use video throughout the sales cycle, and then measuring the impact of video all the way through the funnel – from opportunity, to pipeline to closed revenue – marketing can show ROI!

Another common challenge is with getting sales teams to adopt and use marketing assets. This leads to the value of marketing’s work staying locked away; it’s potential, limited. Here again, Vidyard Engage puts marketing’s latest and greatest videos at the fingertips of customer facing teams – right in the systems they are already using today to engage with customers and prospects, like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.  No need to post videos to YouTube or send viewers to special sites.

Let’s Get into the Details. Here’s How it Works!

Vidyard Engage focuses on making it easy to bring video right into the inboxes of customer-facing teams. And when we say easy, we mean it. It’s as simple as send, watch, alert, and act.

1. Send.

Send video from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook as easily as attaching a PDF. Browse through videos from marketing and sales and quickly create a custom playlist in just a few clicks. Then add your videos to your email message with a thumbnail image and play button to drive maximum conversion.
video in email
video in email2

2. Watch.

When your recipient clicks play, the video plays back on a branded sharing page. No need to send viewers to YouTube (and lose them!) or post videos to a custom site. Branded sharing pages can be customized to match your website ensuring a consistent brand experience.

video in email3
3. Alert.

As soon as a recipient clicks play, the sender can be notified by email with details on who watched, what they watched, and how long the stayed engaged.
video analytics

4. Act.

From the email, click in to that contact to view their complete video viewing history inside the Vidyard Contact Center. See all the videos they’ve watched, understand which ones captured and retained their attention, and spot the sections that they rewatched to hone in on the topics they’re most interested in. This is where the magic is. Armed with this intelligence into what viewers have watched, it’s now possible to take a more tailored next step.
video analytics2
At Vidyard, we love helping businesses succeed through video. It’s why we get up in the morning. No, it’s why we leap up in the morning! That’s why we’re so excited to be able to empower anyone within the organization to leverage video content for one-to-one prospecting and communications thanks to Vidyard Engage.

Learn more about Vidyard Engage at and join our upcoming webinar on July 6th: Why Sales Teams Need Vidyard Engage to Close Bigger Deals, Faster.

vidyard engage webinar

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