Forrester Shows Marketing Needs to be More Helpful, Handy and Human

Is your marketing truly helping customers and prospects, or simply yelling about features?

We’re all guilty of falling into this trap. You’ve launched something new and exciting, and you want to share all the bells and whistles in your emails, sales briefings, and press releases. But here’s the problem – customers don’t care about bells and whistles. They care about results!

Today’s buyers want companies that can demonstrate empathy to their business challenges, and be responsive to their ever-evolving needs. And nobody understands this better than Forrester.

In their latest report, Forrester breaks down why B2B brands need to move from channel-centric to customer-centric marketing, and focus on customer outcomes, not on feature stories. Peter O’Neill and Lori Wizdo put it best:

“As B2B buyers demonstrate that they are willing to buy increasingly complex and costly products online, B2B marketers must step up to create a digital experience that attracts, educates, persuades, and sometimes, closes these digitally empowered customers.”

Sounds like a lot of work, right? Not necessarily. It’s just a shift in mindset.

Making Marketing More Customer-Obsessed

Forrester argues that when you move away from focusing on channels and features, and move towards focusing on customers and business outcomes, you create content that builds relationships rather than simply transactional customers. And this shift is powerful.

To help marketers understand how to approach this shift in mindset, Forrester has created a Playbook, with four easy steps to guide you towards becoming a customer-obsessed marketing team. Want to get the full story? Download Turn B2B Marketing Into a Customer-Obsessed Organization and learn:

  • How to adopt customer-obsession as a mindset, and spread it through your organization
  • Direction on making your marketing more handy, helpful, and human
  • Four steps to developing a roadmap to customer-obsessed marketing
  • How technology can help you think like your customers
  • And more!


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