Meet the Team, Video Style: Josh Dunton

Meet the Team is our monthly chance to introduce you to the fabulous, quirky, talented people that work at Vidyard, using our favorite medium — video! For this episode, we caught up with Josh Dunton, Talent Acquisition Lead here at Vidyard. Learn where you can find the best all-day breakfast in Kitchener, and what Josh wanted to be when he grew up by watching the video:


What Didn’t Make the Cut

Josh has more to say than just talking about his twin brother, so here’s what didn’t make the cut:

What brought you to Vidyard?

I came to Vidyard because I was really excited about the challenge. The team wanted to grow very quickly, and that’s something I could get behind. Also every person I met during the process was really passionate about working here, and that passion really inspired me and fired me up, and made me want to be part of the team.

What’s your favorite video on the internet right now?

My favorite video on the internet right now is the NFL bad lip reading. It’s an old one, but every time I watch it I can’t help but laugh out loud. It’s just so funny what they think of to do as the lip reading.

What do you do in your free time?

Right now I spend a lot of my free time with my infant son — he needs a lot of attention these days, but when he’s asleep I like to play video games a lot. Specifically Madden … all the time. Anything football, I’m into!

Want to order your own “Hungry Mel”?

Mel’s Diner is a Kitchener institution and boasts two locations. You can find their breakfast menu here. I would also go with the Hungry Mel. That just sounds delicious.

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