Forrester Research Predicts Account-Based Everything in 2017

According to Forrester Research, a revolution is coming for account-based marketing. While many companies claim to be experts in ABM, Forrester has found that a lack of connectivity between marketing and sales, combined with a deluge of tools with similar feature sets are holding back real ABM success.

2017 will be the year that all of this changes, as ABM finally moves into the mainstream and companies begin to align their team towards account-based marketing, sales, and customer success. Forrester predicts that marketers will find themselves taking a much bigger role in both account selection and customer success, with post-sale onboarding transforming into an opportunity to build customer advocates. Technology stacks will also begin to evolve this year, as vendors consolidate and transform their solutions to enable marketing and sales teams to work from one platform rather than assembling a patchwork system of products.

This shift towards account-based business will not only change the way companies structure their teams, but will influence hiring as well. Customer-facing skills will become a must-have for any marketer, and new organizational models will see sales, marketing and support become blended business units rather than silos operating against their own goals.

Discover why Forrester is predicting skyrocketing usage of account-based marketing in 2017 in their new report Predictions 2017: ABM Boosts B2B Marketing’s Customer Obsession IQ!

2017-02-21 Forrester - Blog CTA

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