The Secret to Filming an Awesome Remote Interview

How to film remote interviewsFilming video interviews with popular influencers in your industry is a great way to stand out as a thought leader; however, as we’ve learned here at Vidyard with our Video Thought Leadership Series, sometimes you line up a terrific interview (maybe you even have Oprah on the line!*), but your interviewee is too far away for a convenient in-person shoot.

*note: we have not been able to get Oprah on the line…(yet).

When dealing with the remote-interview-challenge, you could book flights for your video crew, outsource remote Production

The production stage of video involves the filming process. It’s what happens after the creative brief and planning process has finished, and the videography team is finally ready to press record, and before editing.

“>production, or even get interviewees to shoot their response footage on a webcam for later mashup with home-base footage, but some of these options are costly and you don’t necessarily want to lose a spontaneous back-and-forth interview feel by arranging pre-taped footage. Alternatively, you could record a Skype Split Screen