Best Practices for Prospecting with Video

Personal video messages are a great way to stand out and to boost response rates when prospecting new customers. But to do it right, it takes more than just pressing record and reading the same old script. My name is Tyler Lessard, and in this Chalk Talk we’ll discuss the latest best practices for creating personal video messages proven to convert.


Top sales teams are using personal video messages to boost their response rates by up to five times, and they’re doing that by creating messages that are personal, relevant, and specific to that individual. Perhaps most importantly they are creating messages that are human, that showcase that there’s a real person on the other side of that message to help create empathy with that prospective buyer. They’re not only creating the right types of messages, but they’re using different types of messages at different stages of their sales cadence to test different things and to see what may resonate best with each individual prospect.

So let’s talk about the types of messages and how you can use them at different stages of your sales cadence to maximize your response rates.

Sales Selfies

The first types of messages that we see people using today are the webcam or selfie videos. This is where you simply click record using a tool like those that Vidyard provides, on your laptop to record a quick personal message It might simply be an introductory message, like “Hi, my name’s Tyler. I’m from Vidyard. And we’re helping businesses like yours solve problems A, B, or C.” Simply having a human talking on camera as opposed to a long text-based email can help you boost response rates.

But what can help you boost it even more is by having something like a whiteboard where you can write the individual person’s name or their company name right inside a specific message. This works because it can create a Thumbnail

The image that appears as the “cover” of your video. The still image under the play button. The image used as a thumbnail strongly influences engagement rates.

“>thumbnail image for your video that gives that person a visual cue that this message is just for them, and it hasn’t come from some automated email marketing blast.

When somebody sees their company name or perhaps a message that simply says “Hi Joanne,” they know that I’ve recorded this specifically for them, and therefore are much more likely to respond. Now the whiteboard works really well because I can simply wipe this off, write the next name in, and record my next video. It’s a very efficient way to do highly-personalized communications at scale.

Now, you can use a Webcam Video