What Marketing Can Learn from Sales featuring Patrice Greene

Welcome to this edition of Modern Marketing Point of View. Today we hear from the dazzling Patrice Greene, President of Inverta. Patrice joins us to discuss what’s changing in the world of marketing, what’s working in content, and what marketing can learn from sales.


What’s changing in modern marketing?

Patrice thinks the major change happening in marketing right now is that companies are diversifying their approach. While before they might have been exclusively focused on inbound or traditional demand generation, now “they’re starting to look at additional marketing strategies to support an organizational growth strategy,” she says.

What’s working in content marketing?

“More and more research is being done on our buyers,” Patrice says. That research is crucial because it helps marketers create messaging and content that meets the buyer with what they need based on their specific business challenges or initiatives.   

She also thinks that contenting marketing teams who are seeing success are the ones who are cultivating a strong relationship with sales. “Let’s work together to identify what our buyer really needs,” she says. “As opposed to marketing’s role be solely about enabling sales or passing leads over the proverbial MQL line.”

What can marketing learn from sales?

Again, Patrice argues that collaboration is everything. As it currently stands, she often sees sales executing their playbook, while “marketing has been on the other side of the fence, executing campaigns in a way that is disconnected from what’s sitting within a sales playbook.” When marketing starts tightly harmonizing their actions and messaging with sales, they become much more effective.

Let’s play marketing buzzwords!

As an added bonus, we asked Patrice to take part in some fun, marketing-inspired word association. See if you can relate.


We’d love to hear what’s working (or not working) for you in your marketing efforts. Sound off in the comments below.

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As Marketing and Sales Get Turned Inside Out, Video Takes Center Stage

Summit 2018: Through the Video Lens

This past week, the always-impressive research and consulting team from TOPO took center stage in San Francisco at the annual TOPO Summit. A two-day affair filled with exceptional content and interesting perspectives, it brought to light some seismic shifts that are occurring in how we approach B2B marketing and why there’s never been a better time to be in sales. What do the latest trends in B2B marketing and sales tell us about the future of video? Let’s rewind and replay what we saw at TOPO Summit through the video lens.



We are in the Golden Age of Revenue

Can it be true? It was a bold statement to kick off the event, but a sentiment that we all needed to hear. While the B2B world gets more complex and competitive, the tools we have at our disposal to build high-performance businesses are nothing short of incredible. They open up radical opportunities for how we go to market, but what is critical at this time is how we choose to embrace these tools as agents of revenue and efficient growth.

The key is to use these tools in a way that enables your people – your marketers and sellers – to do what humans do exceptionally well. To connect, engage, empathize and relate to customers in ways that win their hearts and minds. We’re in the golden age of revenue not because “the bots” will take over and automate your sales funnel, but because they will free up your most valuable assets to get back to truly marketing and selling, and to do it at massive scale while preserving the personal touch.

Enter automation for handling common tasks, A.I. for better decision-making, machine learning for continuous optimization, social tools and chatbots for conversational marketing, and video for personalized last-mile communications. That’s the new revenue stack that we should all be excited about.

Marketing Gets Turned Inside Out

The TOPO team made it crystal clear that B2B marketing is getting turned inside out. The old world of lead generation where we over-rotated on forms and gates to “get to know” our prospects is transforming into conversational marketing. Clicks and likes are metrics of the past, being replaced by measures of engagement and intent. And static, text-based content is being superseded by interactive content, visual experiences and video-based storytelling.

I think of this as an inversion of the traditional value exchange with buyers. The old way of marketing was to ask them for something of value first (like their name, email, next of kin) and to then reciprocate with valuable content like eBooks and product demonstrations. In the new world, the value exchange is flipped – we need to offer value to our audiences first before we ask them for something in return. If we don’t, we lose them to someone else that will. In this new paradigm, video content is a premium currency. We need to stop worrying about how to get people’s names and focus on how to deliver them exceptional value that connects both rationally and emotionally. Something that video is particularly good at.

A Dire Prediction for Sales

Automation and A.I. will put nearly every sales rep out of a job in 5 years. Please don’t tweet that. This prediction was actually made by other, unnamed sources several years ago and it’s most certainly not going to come true. In fact, the TOPO analysts are bullish on the opposite viewpoint stating in no uncertain terms that there’s no better time to be a sales person. And I whole-heartedly support this sentiment, at least as it relates to sales reps that are open to embracing technology to help them succeed.

The core message for B2B sales teams was that technology is now at a point where it’s helping us automate routine tasks and to enhance our uniquely human sales skills. It’s about helping us identify the right buyers to connect with and to deliver the most relevant and timely message (or ‘story’, but I’ll get to that next). And at a time when we’ve oversaturated audiences with templated, impersonal text-based content, using video as a medium to deliver that message seems like a no-brainer.

This is exactly why our team at Vidyard is putting so much effort into our GoVideo product, making it simple for sales reps to deliver a powerful, stand-out message via video with the click of a button.

Storytelling is the New Messaging

A third major trend that TOPO called out was the continued movement towards storytelling as a way of engaging buyers. Given the previous two topics, this should come as no surprise. Their advice was to move away from “product sheets” and “the demo” as the primary ways of communicating value to prospects. Instead, move to a storytelling approach that centers around use-cases and customer stories – one that follows the traditional formula of a protagonist, challenges, solution and payoff.

Weave in personal and human elements to make it more relatable to the individuals evaluating your solution. Use real people, real customers and real employees to bring your stories to life in genuine and authentic ways. And this doesn’t just pertain to your website, it needs to underpin how you approach the entire customer journey. Storytelling can manifest itself in many different ways and content mediums, but you can bet that video will have an immense role to play.

Putting it All in Focus

It’s both inspiring and intimidating to see how significantly B2B marketing and sales are changing, and how quickly the pace of change truly is. But as many things change, one thing will remain constant: that your greatest asset is your people. The real power in marketing and sales technology lies in its ability to help your people be the best version of themselves. To focus their time on being creative, personal, relevant and empathetic. Video, among other key tools and technologies, will thrive in this next era as we make business personal again.

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Introducing GoVHS, Vidyard’s Most Innovative Product!

Getting your message across today can be very bland and sterile. White background, black font and well, just no heart. It really lacks flair and creativity. This new age of digital communication is only going to get noisier and we knew now was the time we take a step back, get personal and be seen. That’s why we’re introducing Vidyard GoVHS.


Why Did We Create GoVHS?

Retro is coming back. Look at Vinyl sales—they’re booming! 90’s fashion is hip and Full House is back on. Our team had been spending all this time trying to think new but really, we needed to think retrospectively.

One of our team members was recently visiting his parents when he came across the old family camcorder. It suddenly hit him—what’s more personal than creating and sharing a home movie with your audience?

The idea took off from there.

We quickly got to work planning, creating, and producing our latest product offering, GoVHS. We took a look at the industry and noticed there was a huge gap in the camcorder industry, we’d have no competition as virtually no one offering VHS tapes, camcorders, or fluorescent tube televisions, so it was a no-brainer to move into this space and take over.

How does it work?

GoVHS makes it quick and easy to record personal home movies for your audience in as little as 2 hours.


Set up your camcorder on a sturdy tripod, insert a VHS tape and press record. In no time, you’ll be filming yourself in true 4:3 standard definition.


When filming is complete don’t forget to write your recipient’s name on the tape, and add stickers, to make your video even more personable.


Kick it old school by shipping your GoVHS video to prospects, and clients through snail mail (Just remember please be kind and rewind!)

Pricing & Availability

GoVHS is available for order today, and we offer multiple pricing packages. Simply send us a fax with your information so we can learn more about your organization and create a custom GoVHS pricing package to meet your video needs.

Already have your camcorder and tripod ready to go? Well, then you can purchase VHS tapes in 3 packs from Amazon – the premium quality kind. We have a feeling these will be a hot commodity soon, so better get them now before they sell out.

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The Power of Personalization, in Real Time!

Marketers live in challenging times. Our messages compete with 2,900 others daily for the attention of their customers and prospects. Inboxes are becoming more cluttered with the average person interacting with 121 emails each day.

That’s why we need new tools to stand out, get noticed, and keep our audience engaged. One of these tools is personalized video which has been proven to make a big impact, increasing email conversion by 500% or more!

Personalized video was typically an outbound tool

Personalized Video takes audience engagement to the next level by adding things like your viewer’s name, company, title or logo directly into a video—creating a truly unique/relevant experience.

Typically organizations have been using personalized video in their outbound campaigns. This involved identifying which leads to target with the campaign. Once all the key information of a lead (their name, company name, and maybe email or phone number) was collected, it would be inserted into the personalized video, then the completed video, with all the personalized elements, was sent to the targeted lead.

But what if I told you that you could now create personalized videos for leads you hadn’t even identified yet …

In Vidyard’s Spring 2018 update we are excited to introduce our powerful new real-time personalization feature.

Real-time? What does that even mean?

So this means you’ll be able to personalize ANY viewer experience, in real time, regardless of the channel. Making personalized video your new inbound staple, you’ll be able to personalize a video for brand new leads, the moment they fill out a form on your site. Creating an engaging & unique experience for web visitors at a pivotal moment when you’re top of mind, increasing conversion rates and helping you generate more leads

Is this different from your other personalized video tool?

Real-time personalization is an enhancement to the power of personalized videos. You’ll now have the choice once you’ve created a personalized video to use it for an outbound campaign (like our holiday video) or with the help of real-time personalization use it for inbound purposes to create a unique experience on your website or landing page. Now you’ll be able to harness that power of personalized video in many more incredible ways, throughout your inbound, and outbound efforts.

Where could I use real-time personalization?

With this latest update, you can leverage real-time personalization in any inbound campaign so that your audience has personal touches across multiple marketing channels, like product pages, pricing pages, ABM campaigns, content, and more.

We’re loving real-time personalized videos so much, that we’ve already started using it on our own site—on our pricing request page. Experience the magic first-hand by clicking the image below where you’ll be able to see how easy and engaging a real-time personalized video on your website could be.

Don’t worry it’s not a real pricing request form, just a copy so you can see the power of personalized video for inbound marketing!

Learn more about real-time personalization and all the latest and greatest features in the Vidyard Spring 2018 Update.

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Vidyard Expands Personalized Video and Video Messaging Solutions for Marketing, Sales, Customer Support

New capabilities help marketing, sales and customer support teams deliver a wide range of personalized customer experiences proven to stand out and boost audience engagement.

KITCHENER, Ontario – March 27, 2017Vidyard, the leading video platform for business, today unveiled its latest product enhancements to help marketing, sales and customer support teams drive greater engagement through highly Personalized Video

Personalized video is the a type of video where viewer details like names, titles, company names, and logos are incorporated in videos automatically, and at scale. Video personalization tools allow marketers to create large volumes of personalized content, typically from a source file containing the details of each individual video, and appending those details within the video for each individual. These tools also generate personalized thumbnails for all personalized videos. They provide a more cost-effective and scalable solution to creating personalized content en masse.

“>personalized video experiences. With its Spring 2018 update, Vidyard has expanded its Personalized Video solution to support personalized audio tracks as well as real-time personalization of video content to help marketing teams enhance website experiences and increase online conversion rates. Vidyard has also enhanced Vidyard GoVideo, its flagship video messaging app for sales and customer support, with Outlook and Zendesk integrations as well as a new reporting dashboard to track the adoption and impact of video across customer-facing teams.

With its Spring 2018 update, Vidyard has expanded its Personalized Video solution to support personalized audio tracks as well as real-time personalization of video content to help marketing teams enhance website experiences and increase online conversion rates.

“At a time when all of us are over-saturated with automated text-based communications, video is standing out as the best way to connect with customers and to build more personal relationships,” says Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard. “New types of video experiences, including Personalized Video and one-to-one video messaging, are taking this to the next level and helping our customers boost engagement rates and shorten deal cycles. We’re now making it easier than ever to deliver these personalized video experiences across web, inbound and outbound marketing programs, direct sales and customer support teams.”

New capabilities launched by Vidyard today include:

  • Enhancements to its Personalized Video solution to support dynamic, real-time personalization of video content on websites and landing pages as well as expanded support for audio personalization
  • Enhancements to its Vidyard GoVideo one-to-one video messaging app including new product capabilities and native integrations with Outlook and Zendesk
  • New Analytics and Reporting packages to help marketing and sales teams track the ROI of its video and the impact of one-to-one video messaging on its sales natively within Salesforce

New Personalized Video Capabilities Help Marketers Boost Conversion Rates

With personalized video, leading B2B, B2C and not-for-profit brands are already reaching new heights in customer engagement by literally bringing their viewers into the story. More than just a creative way to stand out, it’s helping them boost click-through and conversion rates on key outbound marketing campaigns and email nurture programs.

“People are always expecting a sales pitch, so we don’t try to be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing” says Aisha Ghuman, Director of Marketing and Field Enablement at Quorum. “Our holiday video was just that. A genuine thank you to our customers from Quorum. We’re a fun company and we let that shine through by showcasing our culture. And by leveraging personalized video from Vidyard, we saw a 93.5% click-to-open rate, with more than 80% of recipients watching all the way to the very end. We’ve never seen this type of engagement before! I truly believe people buy from people, and from that moment we went from a company they do business with, to real people – fun people – they work with.”

With added support for audio personalization, marketers can now deliver even more immersive video experiences that drive higher engagement by combining both visual and audible elements that are automatically personalized for individual viewers. And with Vidyard’s new real-time personalized video technology, marketers can surprise and delight website visitors with video content that is dynamically rendered with unique information such as their name, company name, company logo, industry and more. Personalized Thumbnail