The Most Popular Types Of Videos On YouTube [Infographic]

YouTube now has more than 1 billion users and thousands of high-reach content creators to partner with, making the Google-owned social media video platform and network  one of the largest sites in the world and a goldmine for socially-savvy digital marketers.

Simply producing and publishing engaging videos, however, doesn’t always guarantee that a branded or brand-sponsored YouTube video will be viewed, liked, and shared. So how can marketers ensure that audiences will be receptive to their YouTube videos?

Which Types of YouTube Videos are the Most Popular?

YouTube has become increasingly inundated with content. Its users watch millions of hours and generate billions of views each day with an average viewing session at 40 minutes on mobile. So today’s most successful brand marketers must know which type of YouTube videos are most popular with audiences and understand how to develop highly-shareable “viral” campaigns around these ever-evolving viewer trends.

To determine the most popular types of YouTube videos, Mediakix first identified the top 300 YouTube influencer channels, then analyzed each content creator’s videos from the first half of 2015 to ascertain which videos received the highest number of views and social engagements. Based on these findings, we distilled the most popular YouTube videos down into the following 13 categories:


An Important Note For Marketers:

While taking advantage of these findings and trends can offer an advantage over competitors, marketers should keep in mind that providing genuine value—either through entertainment or information—is key to developing impactful YouTube videos and YouTube video campaigns.


What type of video do you (or, okay, your audience) view most on YouTube? Share with us in the comments!

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Why Video Is The Answer To Employee Communications Teams’ Prayers

What’s on your list of “Wants”? Other than a unicorn or a nice ice cream sandwich. Is video on that list?

Wait, that’s probably a silly question. EVERYONE wants video. So let me rephrase: If you’re part of an employee communications team, is video on your “Needs” list? If it’s not, check your forehead – that ice cream sandwich might have given you permanent brain freeze.  

Did you know that even as far back as 2012, 93% of internal communication professionals believed that video was becoming essential to internal communications? And that sentiment is only growing stronger year after year: video is no longer a nice-to-have for internal communications teams. It’s a must-have.

Video solves an abundant number of challenges that internal communicators face every day. It’s why communicators who are in-the-know make sure to fold their hands and pray for video every night before getting in bed, or wish upon the first star they see, or use the wishbone during the holidays to try to make their video dreams come true. Sound over the top? Let me tell you all the ways video will make your communications more powerful:

It fixes engagement problems.

Brace yourself—this might scare you: 70% of US employees have admitted they aren’t engaged at work, according to one study. While you may not have known the exact number, and it may fluctuate, you’re probably not all that surprised. One of the biggest challenges communicators face is how to reach employees who are too busy, too bored, or too uninterested in what their company has to say.

That’s where video can help. Think of all the video you watch; we enjoy it so much that we watch 4 billion videos on YouTube per day, and we spend 6 billion hours watching video on YouTube per month. Nothing speaks to us the way video does; it’s personal, it’s relatable, it feels human in a way that text never can. It’s why people watch how-to videos on YouTube instead of reading a big manual. Simply, video is the next best thing to being there in person. There’s a lot of science that explains why, and if you’re interested, check out this blog post.

Our love of video means that we demand it in our workplace, too. A recent stat showed that 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text. You can bet that number is comparable for your whole employee base.  So why stick with the traditional tools? Lengthy emails just aren’t cutting it anymore, and your important messages are likely just getting deleted. Even text-based Intranet pages may not be enough: In a survey from only a few years ago, only 13% of employees said they used their company’s intranet daily, while 31% said they never do. If you’re relying on email and Intranet, you need to strengthen your strategies with video. Give employees what they crave, and you’ll find that employee engagement strengthens.

Video can be offered on any channel or device, anywhere, for a unifying and engaging experience.

Have you stayed away from video because you’re afraid to put confidential information on YouTube? Don’t let security concerns scare you away from video. All you need is a video platform for your business. Instead of residing on YouTube, you can embed your videos right into your Intranet pages, or offer your videos on “sharing pages” that seamlessly fit into your Intranet or website for a clean, distraction-free experience.

You can even add a video experience into your emails, which has been shown to increase email open rates and engagement (especially if you include the word “Video” in the subject line of your email). You don’t have to worry about whether it will be too big to send or if it will appear properly for everyone. All you need to do is add a thumbnail image, or “splash screen” of your video (along with the play button to indicate it’s a video) into the body of your email. Then when your audience clicks on it, it can open up on an Intranet page of your choosing, or a clean and distraction-free “sharing page” like this one that we created for one of our event videos.


You can even create a Video Hub, which acts like a video library on your website or Intranet (which can be locked down for employees only). A Video Hub is can be organized into topics, creator, video styles, or anything else you like, and it’s searchable so if you or your employees are trying to find past content, it’s all there right when you need it. Probably sounds a lot more tempting than what you’re using now, right? Here’s an example of what a section of our own Video Hubs looks like, or explore the full hub for yourself.


The bonus? Employees can access them on any device, and from any location. So if some employees are based in regions where access to YouTube is banned or limited, they can still get all the vital information they need.

Video gives you unmatched data that you can act on for better results.

What are you doing now to determine if your employees are really engaging with your messages? Are you checking whether your emails are being opened, or how much traffic you’re getting on certain Intranet pages? Those are all well and good, but they’re a starting point. Just because an employee opens your email, how do you know she read it? If someone lands on a certain Intranet page, did the page just sit on their screen while they did something else?

Video on the other hand, gives you what you need to know about your employees and your content. Get aggregate data on each video, like where your audience dropped off. Did they stop watching after 10 seconds? Or did they watch 80% of a 5-minute video? Were there any parts they skipped or rewatched? All this data tells you what kind of content is working and what isn’t, so you know what your employees are interested in, which messages to strengthen, and which ones don’t resonate. This “digital body language” of your viewers gives you a true indication of their engagement – perhaps even truer than asking them, since “body language” doesn’t lie.

You can also find out what individuals are watching, and even see a history of their viewing behavior. Why is this helpful? Well, imagine you created a video or series of videos that every employee needed to watch to the end in order to meet compliance needs. This data will tell you exactly what you need to know.

With true information on how audiences and individuals are responding, you’re better equipped to strengthen your content and employee engagement in the future.

You can get employees engaged in a two-way conversation.

Gone are the days when employees will accept getting messages, goals, and company values relayed to them in a one-way “communication”. Employees want to feel like they’re a part of something, that their work matters, and they are valued and heard. That’s how they become more engaged with a company, work harder, and feel more satisfied and connected.

Video can help you create exactly the experience your employees are searching for, because with video, you can offer a two-way conversation in ways that other mediums don’t allow. What do I mean? If you’re using a video platform, you can add calls-to-action onto your videos to get employees to take an action you want them to take, like visiting a page, watching another video, and more. Or you can include a form in a video to ask your employees their feedback and opinions. (If you like the sounds of that and want to see what else you could do, you might want to check this out.)


These kinds of two-way interactive elements in your videos can help you strengthen your relationships with employees so that your communications feel more like conversations and less like trickled-down mandates. Try it for yourself. You’ll see what it can do you for your company –  you might even notice a 20-25% jump in productivity by employees who now feel more connected.

Video is more efficient—and helps your employees be more efficient.

Imagine if you could share vital company information more quickly than ever, and have it be remembered. Well here’s an interesting fact: 65% of people are visual learners. And another one:

one minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words. Which means your employees can absorb a lot more vital information in one minute through video than they could in any other medium. And they’ll not only enjoy it, they’ll remember it, too.

This is just the beginning of how video can help your company become more efficient. Think about Town Hall meetings and company updates with the executive team. Instead of getting everyone together in another location, setting everything up, and trying to get through all the technical delays or other hiccups of these kinds of events, you could offer key messages in video form, whether it’s live or on-demand where employees could digest them at their leisure.

Or, think of complex material you need to educate your employees on. Communicators know the golden rule of “show, don’t tell”, and video is perfect for that. Suddenly employees can see for themselves how something is supposed to work, instead of having to read and puzzle through tons of text. For example, show them where the fire exits are in case of an emergency, instead of having to create and email maps that some struggle to follow or remember. Show them through a screen-share video how to complete a benefits enrollment form, and suddenly the benefits team, and the employees filling out the forms, will breathe a sigh of relief. And these are just a taste of the ways video can help.

Video can help you create brand awareness and loyalty.

In a previous blog post, I talked about how images that elicit emotional responses cause our brains to release a chemical called oxytocin. This chemical helps us form empathy, leading to emotional connections, and even helps to build trust in a product or brand. What does this mean in terms of video? Well, it’s full of images that elicit emotional responses! When we see people on camera, we imagine that they are conversing with us. We see their body language and non-verbal cues, and we relate to them in ways that words on a page can’t re-create. We start to feel emotionally connected in their story…which helps build awareness, trust, and other positive emotions.

What does all that lead to? When employees feel positive emotions toward their company, they feel more loyal. They’re willing to work harder, think more positively, and connect in ways they wouldn’t otherwise. These engaged, happy employees create better, more innovative work.

Beyond emotional connection, when you offer your videos in a branded sharing page, Video Hub, or in a video player that is branded with your company’s logo and colours, you’re highlighting again and again who these communications are from, and creating a sense of unity for your employees – you’re all working toward the same goals, sharing the same values, and upholding a strong culture together. That’s a pretty powerful message.  

Video can help prove the ROI of communications and comms teams.

Did you know that, according to IABC, 60% of internal communicators are still not measuring internal communication? It’s probably not a big surprise – the effect of communications has always been hard to nail down and measure. There are no sales numbers, no quantities to hit, no closed deals that you can definitively say occurred because of employee communications.

But with video, you have some effective tools to helping you prove the return on investment of your work and your team. With the data that is provided by a video platform, you have clarity on how much employees are engaged, and how that engagement strengthens over time. You can illustrate that you are creating better and better content that resounds with employees, helping your team and other employees achieve greater productivity and efficiency, and strengthening employee loyalty with your brand. Video offers you the opportunity to start qualifying and quantifying things that once seemed impossible to do so, so you can not only prove your worth, but feel your worth.

All of this—and it’s cheaper than you might think.

You don’t need to get tons of fancy cameras and lights and equipment and green screens and a production teams…your videos can be as simple and inexpensive (or as fancy!) as you want or need. You could get one great camera and clean out a meeting room to create your video shoots, or you can even use your own phone! Our own CEO sent out a company-wide video that he shot on his own phone as he was walking down the street, and sent it through email. When we clicked on it, it opened in a sharing page, and we were brought right into the experience. We felt like we were part of of the action, matching stride-for-stride with our CEO, hearing his thoughts and feeling his excitement. While I can’t show you the video (being an internal message, it’s confidential, after all!), it was a pretty powerful experience (much more so than a boring old text-based email would be!)


So go ahead! Don’t just wish for video—ask for it! Your prayers may just be answered, especially considering at least 87% of executives believe video has a great impact on an organization!

Do you use video now at your organization? How has it helped you connect with your employees and strengthen your results?

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New Vidyard Interactive Player Makes Videos More Engaging

Going beyond email gates and surveys, Vidyard enables dynamic in-video content such as real-time pricing, social media updates and choose-your-own-adventure demos

KITCHENER, Ontario – September 28, 2016 – Vidyard, the video platform for business, today launched its new interactive video player, giving marketers, sales teams and others users powerful tools to improve viewer engagement.

Organizations that aren’t using Vidyard’s new player for their B2B video campaigns are limited to annotating videos with small text boxes in a corner of their video. With Vidyard’s advanced annotations powered by HTML and JavaScript, the possibilities become nearly endless. Users can add real-time pricing to videos so that it’s always up-to-date, integrate other services such as help desk ticketing software into video, overlay lead capture forms and surveys, or insert a “buy now” button directly in the player to convert customers while their full attention is on the product or service.

“Video in and of itself is already more engaging than other media, but when you add interactive features, the experience becomes that much richer,” said Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard. “Like personalization, interactivity pulls the viewer in to the content and makes them part of the story while providing deeper insights into what they want.”

Powerful capabilities with Vidyard’s new interactive player include:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Guide customers on their own unique viewing journey by allowing them to choose which videos they would like to see next or directing them to additional resources like content assets and webpages.
  • Lead Capture: Add a fully customizable form to any part of your video, and the information entered and detailed analytics about the viewer’s engagement will be pushed directly into your Marketing Automation Platform.
  • Calls to Action: Turn a regular video into a powerful lead generation tool with call-to-action events. Pop-out CTAs capitalize on the value of an engaged viewer, and Final CTAs for post video actions such as signing up for an event. Setting these up are easy with our WYSIWYG editor.

With its new advanced annotations and interactive video capabilities, Vidyard continues its record of innovation in the video marketing industry. Vidyard is the only video platform provider to offer advanced interactive video, video personalization and audience engagement insights fully integrated with leading marketing automation, CRM and business analytics solutions.  

Check out this example of the new interactivity features:


About Vidyard

Vidyard (Twitter: @Vidyard) is the video intelligence platform that helps businesses drive more revenue through the use of online video. Going beyond video hosting and management, Vidyard helps businesses drive greater engagement in their video content, track the viewing activities of each individual viewer, and turn those views into action. Global leaders such as Honeywell, McKesson, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Cision, TD Ameritrade, Citibank, MongoDB and Sharp rely on Vidyard to power their video content strategies and turn viewer into customers.

Media Contact:
Brad Hem
Phone: (281) 543-0669

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Announcing Vidyard’s New Interactive Video Player

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Last week I snuck into our R&D lab on the second floor of our awesome new office and saw a few TOP SECRET things that I probably shouldn’t have, one of which was something labeled “New Vidyard Interactive Player”. And then I got busted by our VP of Engineer, Tyler Campaigne.

I was in trouble. He knew I had seen too much. So we made a deal: I keep my mouth shut until this new product is released, and he’ll let me be the first to break the news to everyone.

Finally that day is here! Meet Vidyard’s New Interactive Player, a monster upgrade to our already-awesome HTML5 video player!

Check out our video on your desktop to get the full experience: 


The New Interactive Player: The Evolution of Engagement

You already know that keeping your customers engaged is everything. It’s why you’re using video for sales and marketing and why you’re more concerned about tracking value rather than views.

Our previous HTML5 player was at the top of its game, but at Vidyard we don’t stop innovating. Whether it’s personalized video, calls-to-action, or our powerful analytics, we make sure you have all the tools you could imagine to guide your customers on a journey, and keep them engaged every step of the way.

And that’s where our new Interactive Player comes in. It takes engagement beyond what you thought was possible by enabling your viewers to interact with your videos in new, powerful ways…essentially creating a two-way conversation. Pretty incredible, right?

We’re so passionate about this stuff that we could talk about it forever. But we know you have a lot of work to do (and maybe even some playing around with the new player yourself, hmm?) so we’ll break it down to the gist by sharing the main ingredients of the player with you:

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube, you’ve probably seen annotations before. They tend to be either small links that pop up in the corner of the video, or big obtrusive boxes that overlay on the entire video. Either way, if you’re anything like me, you’re pretty quick to click the x and dismiss them. We’ve improved upon the annotations you know by keeping the usefulness, but upping the experience. We’ve added an entire interactive layer on top of your videos. These aren’t your father’s annotations. These are Advanced Annotations. More on that in a minute.

We’ve also made it even easier to gather the information you want from your viewers. Simply add a fully-customizable form to any part of your video. The information the viewer enters, as well as detailed analytics about the viewer’s engagement levels and behaviours, will be pushed directly into your Marketing Automation Platform.

And, you can also turn a regular video into a powerful lead generation tool with our “Calls-To-Action” tool, which comes in two varieties: Pop-out CTAs to snag the attention of an engaged viewer, and Final CTAs to encourage post-video actions such as signing up for an event. Setting these up are easy with our WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor.

What can I do with the New Vidyard Interactive Player?

The better question is, “What can’t I do?”

Note: That sounds like hyperbole. So much, in fact, that our Brand and Creative Manager told me I had to take that line out. But when I showed her what the New Interactive Player can do, she said I could keep it in. Thanks Em!

Seriously. This puppy can do almost anything. Whether you want to drop in a traditional text-based annotation, we’ve got you covered with a number of pre-built options and a WYSIWYG builder to make it easy to get started.


Or if you’re feeling creative, spice things up a bit with CSS and Javascript! Think of our new interactive player as a platform on top of which you can build anything you want. With a little bit of HTML knowledge you’ll be creating engaging content in minutes.

Oh, you want to know how you can use it? Here’s how:


It’s for Marketing teams

Marketers will love the ability to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time. Toss a downloadable document or a link to register for a webinar right on top of the video, encouraging prospects to take action right then and there, while they are most engaged.



It’s for Sales teams

Salespeople will find all kinds of benefits. You can guide specific viewers on their own unique journey by offering up links to other videos from within videos. True choose-your-own-adventure videos are now possible, keeping viewers engaged like crazy (and of course you’ll be able to track the journey they took, and send that data back to your CRM).



And Support groups, too

Yes, the new Interactive Player is also built for Support teams! Add ticket management capabilities right into a video. Already sending your customers how-to videos? Give your customer the ability to close the ticket and provide feedback directly in the video.


Nice! How do I get started?

Well, this is going to be a lot of work…

Ha! That’s not how we work at Vidyard! You don’t need to do anything. If you’re a Vidyard customer your account has already been upgraded. At no cost! Simply add an event to your timeline and be amazed.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you create! Oh and Tyler, if you’re reading this, can I tell them about that other new thing?


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Meet the Vidyard Team, Video Style: Katie Nielsen

Meet the Team is our monthly chance to introduce you to the fabulous, quirky, talented people that work at Vidyard, using our favorite medium — video! For this episode, we caught up with Katie Nielsen, Technical Writer here at Vidyard. Discover why her dad is the biggest influence on her professional life, and see the funniest dog impression we’ve ever caught on camera:


What Didn’t Make the Cut

Katie had lots more to say than just doing the bow-wow-wow, so here are a few other fun facts about her:

What brought you to Vidyard?
I heard about the job at Vidyard from my dad. He sent me the listing. I think he knew Vidyard’s reputation, and thought “this is your crew.” So I looked around the website and got a really strong sense of the community and the vibe of Vidyard, so I applied. When I came in for the interview, the culture of the place shone through, and I thought “this is a magical place. I want to be here for a long time.”

That’s what attracted me to the job, and it’s also a place with a lot of flexibility, and creativity, which is something that is not always easy to find in technical writing.

What is your favorite video on the internet?
It’s difficult to choose just one favorite video on the internet, as there are many of them. However, the one video series that never disappoints me is anything by Key & Peele. I will sit for hours and watch their clips on YouTube and have lost several weekends to their entertainment. I like using funny videos to relax, so I’ll put on a video on my laptop while I’m folding laundry or doing dishes or something mundane. It just makes the chores a little more bearable, so thank you Key & Peele you have made me laugh!

What is your favorite place to eat in Kitchener, and what do you love to eat there?
My go-to hangout spot in Kitchener is The Bent Elbow. It’s up on Weber st. And I love it because when you first look at it, it’s just in some plaza next to a dispensary and a tax service, so you don’t think anything of it. But when you go inside it’s this famous local place! All the food is made by hand, they have like 37 or so beers on tap, and the best thing about it is they have so many beers on tap that you can try something new every time. Even if you’re really into craft beer they will always have something you have never heard of, so there’s always an opportunity try something new and interesting. The food is fantastic because they make it all in house, and I would recommend their beer ketchup and fries because it’s delicious!

And as a bonus, here’s some pictures of Katie’s adorable dog, Toady:

img-20151110-wa0006 fb_img_1469018529949 fb_img_1469018668640 fb_img_1469018571278

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How Top Sales Reps Leverage Video to Crush Their Monthly Numbers

What if you could make your sales job easier by using video intelligence to help determine exactly when to follow up with a prospect and what message to deliver?

How would it feel to see your name at the top of the leader board month after month?

Competition Requires Intelligence

From the CIA to the NFL, everyone is looking for an edge to stay out in front ahead of their competitor or foe. Better intelligence equals better endgame results.

Years ago the salesperson was taught to ‘spray and pray’ to prospect — blindly taking pages from a phone book and calling or walking into building after building aimlessly on the basis of numbers equals results. Not anymore!

Which is where video intelligence comes in – to help salespeople stay ahead of the game and crush their numbers. When you use video to engage prospects, you have tools at your fingertips to see what videos engage, when the prospect is most likely to open and view the video, and what stage they are at. All that data means you can skip unnecessary steps in your follow-up, and speed up the sales process. As an added bonus, you’ll avoid annoying your prospects by pitching something they don’t need or have any interest in.

When you have intelligence gathered from video that tells you what the client is interested in, and the best time to engage with them, it’s like you’re starting on 3rd base with no outs. You have a leg up on the competition and you have a solution in hand that increases the probability of closing an engaged prospect.

Because of this intel, the salesperson also knows who not to engage with. Video helps weed out low probability prospects, but don’t forget to keep them in your database and nurture them until they do become a higher probability.

When you have better targeted leads that have a higher probability of closing, the salesperson can not only build up a solid, sizeable funnel, and the intel helps you close quicker. Sales turnaround time lets the salesperson make more quality approaches to qualified and interested prospects which helps create more sales.

Video Helps You Convey Your Value

When a prospect can see you, they have a better chance of knowing, liking, and trusting you because they can put a name to a face. You can leverage your personality to win clients over, show yourself an authority in your space, and make your intangibles tangible by presenting that in your video.

Make a video where you tell a story about a client you helped, lay out what the challenge was, the multiple solutions you came up with, and why you chose the solution that ultimately helped your client. This helps your prospect identify with the problem, see the value you provided and think of you as an authority. More authority means more conversions!

Sales Reps will scramble to find a solution that puts highly probable closes in front of them. High percentage prospects that come with analytics to help the sales rep know when and what to focus on as they make the follow up call/approach.

Becoming a Master Video Salesperson

Would you rather smile and dial, or have competitive intel in your hands to help crush your numbers? When you customize your video to your targeted prospects, the conversion ratio increases.

In a study by Forrester Research, video in email engages prospects by increasing click-through rates by over 200% compared to traditional email or article posting.

It doesn’t matter what type of sales you are in, face time with the decision maker counts. Video gives you face time, and gives you the analytics to know when to best follow up and what to follow up with. That kind of data helps you close more business, generate more commission and stay atop the leader board

So how do master video salespeople do it? Simple:

  • They target their market
  • They send emails with headers that get prospects to open the email
  • They leverage their CRM on the proper timing of videos sent
  • They include a video targeted to their audience
  • They tell a story that the prospect can identify with
  • They show their personality — don’t be a stiff!
  • They show their value by providing solutions
  • They show how they applied those solutions and what the end result was
  • They end with a strong call-to-action that makes it easy for the prospect to contact them because they now see the salesman as an advisor with authority.
  • They send follow up emails with a new video

Learn how to leverage video like a pro and be the number one salesperson in your company!

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Courage comes from the heart

By: Katrina Rose

happyislandpeople-w-tagIn David Whyte’s “Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words,” this passage about courage really struck me.



“Courage is a word that tempts us to think outwardly, to run bravely against opposing

Read the rest

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